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Australia's original Dawn Clock™ - the calendar and reminder clock helping families visualise and manage their daily routine.
NDIS Approved Provider Australia-wide.

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In our house it has helped a lot our eldest having ADHD amongst his extra needs has no time management skills and having morning evening etc on the clock had helped him keep track of what part of the day we are in. The big bold time is easy for the kids to read from most areas of the house. So instead of constantly asking what time it is they can see themselves.

~ Jessica, NZ


Less reminding, more self care

Reduce frustration and embarrassment

  • Suitable for all ages
  • 9 x Daily routine reminders
  • 5 x Medication reminders
  • Auto restart after blackouts
  • 3 x display modes
  • No wifi needed
  • Recycled & durable frame
  • Mains powered, no batteries
  • 5 x daytime dimming options
  • Automatic dimming 7pm-7am
  • Tamper reduction menu buttons
  • Large screen 160mm x 120mm
  • Hassle free auto setup for AEST
  • Tamper reduction menu buttons


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Oh my goodness the clocks are my lifesaver, I wouldn't not be able to survive a day without them. My children have been doing great with them, the alarm goes and I hear 'Mum medicine time now' which I love to hear. Or I hear 'mum shower time now' and they go do it.
~ Carys, NZ

Every day counts

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I don't get asked as much about the what day is it, or what is the date today. I must say I lose track of it myself now cause I haven't had to keep track. I have found myself able to focus on myself as a mum and who I am. It is amazing that not having to prompt children so much I can relax a little knowing alarms will help.
~ Carys, NZ

Reminders for peace of mind

We understand that whatever your caring journey may be, you can be left feeling helpless in guiding your loved one through the frustration of remembering daily tasks.

The Dawn Clock™ has a clear, low glare digital display and 14 x on-screen reminders to help empower people with all needs. We have great feedback from the Autism and ADHD communities. If you are a carer, you too can help enable independence all while enjoying a rewarding caring experience.

Time for Breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Time to get dressed

Time to shower

Check your diary

Time to go to bed

Time for your appointment

Medication reminders, morning, lunch, afternoon

Drink some water

Mum walking son with Autism and ADHD to school his older brothers. The Dawn Clock ensured they were on time with it's reminders.

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Comfort & connection

The Dawn Clock™ is a sensory tool that can help anyone to visualise and manage their daily routine. Along with its medication and lifestyle reminders, it can help people be more organised, productive and most importantly relaxed in their daily life.

The Dawn Clock™ aims to reduce confusion and frustration, and offers comfort to the user in having a say in their own care.

  • 5 types of medication reminder options
  • Ideal for use with medication packs
  • Great for people of all ages
  • Helpful for multiple medications
  • NDIS approved Australia-wide
Mum hugging young son with Autism and ADHD in their backyard. She is happy and looking back inside at her Dawn Clock. A Dawn Clock Calendar and reminder clock is shown on a table inset.

“Our client was on an 8 week Restorative Care Package with the Government that we supported her with. She spent $12,000 in the time with equipment and she told me last week that the resource that has made the most difference is her Dawn Clock. She can now literally “see” the day, time and date and organise her week.”
~ Jenny, Diversional Therapist

A better quality of life for all

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