Genius Christmas hacks we all need right now

Santa is on his way but buying the perfect gift can take the holly out of your jolly.

The build-up to the festive season is one of excitement however it can cause stress when it comes to filling spaces under the tree. Here are some simple tips to keep your spirits high:

Ditch the socks – Taking a moment to think about what a person needs is way better than adding a gag gift to landfill. Ask yourself these 3 questions: What interests them in a meaningful way? What is my budget? What kind of gifts am I great at giving?

Solve the problem – Some people seemingly already have what they need. These tricky gift recipients often need you think for them – what do they need to make their life a little easier? 

Tell them yourself – Possibly one of the greatest gifts is showing how much you truly appreciate someone. A beautiful handwritten card, drawing  or even a short video expressing your gratitude to the people you love is more than enough, and better yet – the sentiment will be saved for years to come. 

That’s a wrap! The fundamental purpose of gift-giving is something personal that shows someone how much you appreciate them. A present from the heart will have your loved ones rejoicing throughout the silly season and beyond.


 Dawn Clock sits on a table next to a Christmas decoration. The Dawn Clock is a great Christmas gift for hose hard to buy for.


The Dawn Clock™ is a great problem-solving gift for those hard to buy for.