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Taking care of the reminders so you can get back to making memories

My Dad who was in full time care was continually asking what day and time it was. Bought one of these clocks. Nurses were so happy he could read and understand what time it was and he could remember that it was Alison who bought him the clock. The clock could be set for 12 hour or 24 hour display. So many on the nurses and residents were asking where to get these from. One of the best presents I could have bought him! ~ Alison


Independence everyone deserves.

Independence everyone deserves.

We understand that whatever your caring journey may be, you can be left feeling helpless in guiding your loved one through the frustration of remembering daily tasks.
The Dawn Clock™ has a clear digital display and on-screen reminders to help empower people living with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. You too can help enable independence and improve your loved ones quality of life, all while enjoying a rewarding caring experience.


The Dawn Clock - Trusted by Australia and New Zealand's leading Community & Aged care providers

“Our client was on an 8 week Restorative Care Package with the Government that we supported her with. She spent $12,000 in the time with equipment and she told me last week that the resource that has made the most difference is her Dawn Clock. She can now literally “see” the day, time and date and organise her week.” - Jenny, Diversional Therapist

giving you time to enjoy what matters most

  • 3 Year Warranty

    The Dawn Clock is Australia's most trusted Calendar & Reminder clock for customers and service providers alike.We know our product is the best so we back it with a 3 Year Warranty and promise a lifetime of great customer care.

  • 13 x On-screen Reminders

    Peace of mind with 5 x medication alarm reminders and 8 x lifestyle alarm reminders designed as the simplest and most relevant for Australians.
    This feature is extremely beneficial in helping the independence of people living with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, as well as easing the minds and workloads of carers.

  • Hassle free setup

    Just plug in and play straight from the box. Enjoy a quick and easy automatic setup.
    If you would ike to program the reminders, simple step-by-step instructions are included.

"My mum, in an Aged Care facility, has just had her first week with her clock and she loves, loves, loves it. The most frequently asked question has been “what day is it”. Now she knows just look at the clock and it tells you.” ~ Den Den 

A better quality of life for all.

A better quality of life for all.

Helping to enable a rewarding caring experience. The Dawn Clock assists with reminders so you can focus on the memories.
The Dawn Calendar and Reminder Clock is an effective, affordable option for Australian & New Zealand families to have peace of mind for their loved ones.


"The service, kindness and respect with which I was treated is something I've not encountered before. I placed my order 3 days ago and my clock arrived this morning with a lovely personal message attached - and its working like a dream. My mother is happy again and that makes me happy. Thank you so much." ~ Kathy

Comfort and connection.

Comfort and connection.

Unfortunately one of the realities for carers of people with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, is that their loved one’s time and spatial awareness starts to deteriorate. The Dawn Reminder & Calendar Clock helps people feel connected to their world.
It aims to reduce confusion and frustration, and offer comfort to the user by providing independence. Could the Dawn Clock have a positive impact on some one you love?

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Counting on a cure

Donated so far to The Dementia Australia Research Foundation all thanks to our loyal customers. Our goal is donate $10,000 by December 2019.

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A rewarding experience.

A rewarding experience.

12 % of the population are carers and are an integral foundation of independent living.
We understand how busy you are taking care of everyone else, so we promise to take care of you.

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CUSTOMER ALERT - Copycat Clocks

We have been made aware of faulty imitations claiming to be the Dawn Clock being sold online. While they look the same - these are not genuine products. We have had numerous reports that they are faulty on arrival and very difficult to be refunded. If it doesn’t have a Dawn Clocks logo on it – it’s fake. The Dawn Clock can only be purchased from this website or our authorised reseller stores. 

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