Just in time

It took a chance encounter with a Dawn Clock™ that lead to Ben on journey of self-discovery and his diagnosis of Adult ADHD.

 “School was not my strong point. Actually, it was incredibly hard and exhausting – not quite the experience for a child who should be loving learning. But I managed to get through it somehow. I think I spent most of my time on the oval kicking a football around and trying to escape the pressure of the classroom. I wasn’t necessarily bouncing off the walls, but I always struggled to concentrate. My low grades worried my parents who were both in the University sector.

As I grew up and moved out, doing menial household tasks caused almost a physical pain. The thought of having to go through the process of washing clothes overwhelmed me. I changed jobs often, couldn’t finish tasks and could never manage my time well.

To be honest I just thought I was just really bad at being an adult.

Man with Adult ADHD looking at a Dawn Clock

Once I married and had children of my own, it’s then that the wheels really began to fall off for me. I couldn’t organise myself let alone help my family. Multiple humans in a small house often left me feeling trapped and I found myself wanting to escape a lot. I knew it was putting pressure on my wife but I couldn’t understand it let alone explain it to her.

It was after work in January this year I went to visit my Nan at her Nursing home. I noticed a Dawn Clock™ in the corner of the common area. At first I didn’t think much of it but during my visit I noticed myself looking at the clock on multiple occasions. In that quiet moment sitting with Nan - the penny began to drop. Not long after that day I sought help from a Therapist and by May I had a diagnosis of Adult ADHD. I suddenly felt free and yet in control for the first time in 38 years. I bought a Dawn Clock™ for myself too. It actually feels good to “see” the time and have a dedicated visual reference rather than checking my phone and getting distracted. I feel present and have noticed a reduction my stress in the home environment. Whilst I am still working it all out, I am so grateful for that chance encounter with a Dawn Clock™ because it started my process discovering a happier life”.


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