The top 3 spots to position your Dawn Clock

We get amazing feedback from our customers but possibly the most valuable is the little wins they have had with our products. After all – they have the lived experience and the most authority on the topic! 

I think it goes without saying but the Dawn Clock needs to be in a prominent position. It may sound obvious but we had one gentleman place his wife's Dawn Clock in the garden shed because he knew she loved gardening before she became ill. Once we dug a little deeper (pardon the garden pun), due to her progression of Dementia she had no interest in the shed anymore. We worked closely with him to come up with a winning solution that ensured she engaged with her clock. If you are organising the Dawn Clock for someone else then stay tuned.

Of the 3 places that our community has had the most success with their Dawn Clock, the following areas of a the home appear as the BIG winners time and time again.


1. The Kitchen Bench

Let's be honest we all love the kitchen. Even if you aren't a chef it is likely to be one of your favourite rooms in any house and most of us would be guilty in spending slightly too much time in here. The kitchen bench is great central place for The Dawn Clock particularly for morning ritual reminders which normally slow us down such as TIME TO EAT SOME BREAKFAST, TIME TO SHOWER and TIME TO GET DRESSED. 

2. The Hallway

This may seem like an odd one however we find that hallways by nature are a thoroughfare between tasks. One of those tasks being night-time toilet stops. The Dawn Clock can provide the right amount of low-level lighting so there is no need to turn on a light (please be sure to make sure this is appropriate for the user and be conscious of preventing any falls risks). 

3. The Living Room

And more specifically - in the users eye-line when sitting on the couch. This is because in modern day homes couches face the television. It is way too easy to get caught up in your favourite program or lose track of time when you are enjoying a relaxing series binge. If you have a Dawn Clock in eyeshot the user is much more likely to be time-conscious which in turn creates better lifestyle habits. You can't argue with a clock that its bedtime!

So there you have it direct from our community on the top 3 places to position your Dawn Clock. Keep an eye out for our next post.